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One of the main challenges for reaching photo-accurate 3D organic renders is to finely detail each texture.
Manually placing details with tileable maps produces incoherent patterns. In the real world, organic skin is not a pile of different layers (primary, secondary, etc). It is a single structure, where micro-wrinkles are located inside, around and against larger structures, not above it or randomly placed.
Placing details manually is slow and time-consuming. Because we are now used to manipulating 4k or 8k images, it represents a lot of surface to detail and this area needs a lot of work to be properly filled.
Nexture® Onlinebeta solves thanks to its AI-powered technology that generates massively detailed maps from any bump/displacement map, directly from your browser. The generated map is perfectly coherent with the original map, and matches both the user map and a reference pattern.
We also offer a more fully featured desktop version for VFX Studios (contact us).
Image synthesized with pattern s6 (scaling factor: 0.4)
How does it work ?
You upload a map, select a few patterns in our UI, and let our powerful GPU fleet do the heavy lifting. Results are sent via email. You can check the progress and see intermediate output via the result page.
How long does it take ?
Synthesis begins usually after a few minutes. It takes between 10 min and 4 hours, depending on the size of your asset. You can check the progress right after purchase, using the link sent to your inbox.
What do I receive ?
You receive 1 map per selected pattern. If you have purchased 3 patterns, you will therefore receive 3 maps. You will then be able to mix and apply masks to those maps in your favorite texturing tool.



0 € - up to 5 patterns

In the free preview mode, Nexture synthesizes a 2048x2048 pixels center crop of your texture, no matter its size, to let you try the technology.

Maps up to 4096x4096 pixels

7 € per pattern

Synthesize as many different patterns as you want on maps up to 4k.

Maps bigger than 4096x4096 pixels

20 € per pattern

Synthesize as many different patterns as you want on maps larger than 4k.

Please select displacement map

Supported formats
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIF single-channel float32
Maximum dimensions
8k (8192 by 8192 pixels)
Maximum filesize
1 GiB
Your will receive a JPG + EXR displacement map per pattern. Delay:
  • 2k: 10 min
  • 4k: 45 min
  • 8k: 3.5 hours


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