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More details for skin textures

Nexture helps 3D Artists in the tedious task of creating the final detail layer. By synthesizing the finest details onto a large-scale image, it helps you reach the best visual quality, faster and generates texture maps never seen before.

Nexture Studio
Nexture Studio can be installed on a desktop machine and fits the diversity of workflows of large VFX Studios.
Nexture Online
This browser-based, zero-install version is available directly through your browser. Perfect for Freelancers, hobbyists, and quick testing.

Displacement map synthesized with pattern s6 (scaling factor: 0.4)

3D Renders / 4K Displacement courtesy of Solal Amiri Yvernat

How it works

Nexture combines a state-of-the-art artificial neural network with a custom image synthesis algorithm, to transfer details from a reference pattern bank. This dataset was captured on actual human skin by us at Cronobo. Thanks to this unique approach, generated images maintain the structure of the user's image while having a lot more visual details. This results in a more crisp and more believable 3D render.

Ultra-high resolution

While most AI-based image synthesis algorithms are limited to low resolution images, Nexture on the other hand is capable to synthesize 8k resolution textures, thanks to a extremely well calibrated tiling system.


AI-based image synthesis (such as style transfer) is known to be either slow (many hours to produce a low-definition image), or low-quality (fast style transfer). Nexture on the other hand achieves VFX-ready quality in record time (3.5 hours for an 8k map). And thanks to tiling, first results are available usually in a few minutes.

Seamless multi-detail transfer

Artists can apply multiple details to the same texture and delimitate where each detail should be applied. The synthesized image is naturally seamless without performing any form of pixel-interpolation.


Artists have a few expressive settings to control the output, and Nexture integrates a preview mode that provides immediate feedback of these settings.

It is also possible to provide new reference pattern banks, and immediately start using them for synthesis. This opens up many new workflows for VFX houses.

3D Renders / 4K Displacement courtesy of Solal Amiri Yvernat

3D Renders / 4K Displacement courtesy of Nicolas Collings

Batteries included

To quickly get up to speed, Nexture features a unique human-skin texture bank, included with the software and specifically tailored for texture transfer. It contains a diversity of 100 patterns commonly found on human skin at unprecedented definition and scale.